If you are designing, redecorating or renovating a home or business space, marble is a strong and natural material that can add beauty and elegance to any environment.  Popular in many different surroundings  including grand settings like distinct marble floors in business foyers or hotel lobbies, or used as a powerful backdrop to complement the room of any home, marble can create an ambience like no other natural stone.

When it comes to purchasing high quality marble, where do you turn? Do you purchase marble directly from a marble manufacturer or from a marble distributor?  Do you even know the difference between the two? Before we discuss the true definitions of a marble manufacturer and a marble distributor, let’s talk a little about the material itself, and what makes it so popular and alluring in designs and décor around the world.

What’s so great about marble?

According to Geology.com, marble is a metamorphic rock that is created when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure within the earth’s crust, making it a dense and durable material. Whether it is used for flooring, tile or countertops, marble is one of the most luxurious stones available.  It has a natural shine, beautiful and unique accents of color and it is extremely durable and long lasting.

Today, marble is a popular building material used in many architectural projects and it is used to create many decorative effects. Because it can be obtained in many sizes and shapes, marble tiles for walls and floors are a popular choice in interior design.  Marble has been used throughout history in creating some of the world’s most beautiful structures.  The ancient Greeks used marble to construct the Parthenon.  The Taj Mahal is completely covered in white marble.  And white marble was a favorite material used by sculptors because of its beauty, its soft appearance and its ability to allow light to penetrate the stone to a small degree before reflecting it back.

Interesting Facts About Marble

Whether you purchase marble from a marble manufacturer or from a marble distributor, you should know some facts and even some history about the material you are interested in purchasing. Marble is a strong and natural stone that has many uses and applications in building, decoration and art. It is prized for its beauty and shine.  The word “marble” itself comes from the Greek word “marmaros”, meaning “shining stone”.

Here are some interesting facts about marble according to ActforLibraries.com.

Marble Composition

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcite or dolomite crystals. These crystals are the result of metamorphosed limestone being melted by heat and pressure and solidifying again with the crystals tightly interwoven and becoming larger crystals.

Marble Color Variations

Marble is available in a variety of colors.  It may be a soft, pure white or the color may range from light gray to black.  Marble that is white comes from metamorphosed limestone that is very pure or “dolomit protolith”.   Other colored varieties of marble include green, pink, beige, yellow or red.  The colors are caused by impurities, or other minerals in the limestone.


Where is Marble Mined?

Any marble manufacturer or marble distributor can tell you that originally marble was found or mined in Italy. However today, marble is mined in many other countries around the world including Spain, Italy, Pakistan, Canada, India and the United States. Vermont is considered the state that produces the finest marble but it is also mined in several other states including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Alabama and Colorado.

Strength and Durability of Marble

A marble manufacturer (or fabricator) can definitely attest to the strength and durability or marble materials. Marble is a very strong material however it is porous, although the pores in the surface are very tiny and almost impossible to see. These tiny pores do allow for the absorption of moisture and other liquids which can corrode or stain the marble.  Water, oils and acid rain can affect the appearance of marble and its durability.

Now that we have reviewed some of the key facts about marble, let’s go back to our original question – who do you purchase marble from – a marble manufacturer or marble distributor?  Before you make your final decision, it is important to know the difference between these two roles.

Marble Maintenance and Care

You can protect the beauty of marble by resealing it regularly. Marble, like most other porous natural stones, needs to be sealed on a regular basis. Due to their porous nature, many natural stones are susceptible to staining and sealing them on a regular basis greatly reduces the chances of stains.

Cleaning marble can be performed simply with mild soap and water. Common cleaners that state natural stone as one of their applications are also acceptable. Bleach and heavy duty cleaners are not recommended and can damage the marble.

Various Marble Finishes

You can choose shiny, matte or textured finishes to bring out your the unique brilliance in the natural stone and complement your style.

Different Uses for Marble

There are so many different uses for marble in an interior setting. Marble adds a level of elegance in flooring, sculptures, staircases and other interior accents. Bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops also brilliantly come to life in marble materials. A marble foyer creates the highest level of elegance in the entranceway of any home or business.

What Does a Marble Distributor Do?

Marble distributors or marble wholesalers are basically the suppliers to the natural stone industry. They provide access to the stone materials as well as knowledge, expertise and technical support to their buyers. They research and search the world for quality marble and stone materials, hand-selecting the very best products for their market. They often stay on top of the latest design trends so that they can acquire the marble and natural stone materials that their clients are looking for. Their clients may be builders, designers, retail suppliers or chains, architects or even the general public.  Marble distributors often have showrooms that display their marble materials and other natural stone products. Marble distributors choose the marble and then sell it the public.

What Does a Marble Manufacturer Do?

A marble manufacturer or marble fabricator is the hands-on natural stone expert who executes the process from templating the marble to the final details of installation. This includes measuring, figuring out exactly how much stone, or other material, is needed, laying out the stone to ensure the best view of striations, veins, shading and other features of the surfacing product, executing edge details, and basically ensuring that the final product looks perfect. Marble manufacturers are experts at what they do in regard to layout, placement and design.

Where can I find quality marble products?

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