If you are interested in beautiful mosaic tile designs for your home or business, you need to contact an experienced mosaic tile distributor. Mosaic tiles and marble mosaic designs can make a stunning statement in any room. A marble mosaic design can enhance the look of any residential or business setting. P & L Marble is a high quality mosaic tile distributor that has a large inventory of beautiful mosaic tiles, marble mosaic tiles and beautiful natural stone products from around the world.  They have a large variety of mosaic tiles to choose from that will complement any setting that you have in mind.

Why use a Mosaic Tile Distributor?Mosaic Distributors

A mosaic tile distributor knows their product extremely well. If you deal with an experienced natural stone and mosaic tile distributor, you can be assured that they are experts in the natural stone and marble mosaic tile industry.  While their prices may be higher than ordering directly from an overseas exporter, they are professionals in the industry and their products are of much higher quality. The benefits of dealing directly with a mosaic tile distributor include:

  • They are educated and extremely knowledgeable about the products that they sell.
  • They can tell you the characteristics of natural stone and marble, and the location of the quarry that it was mined in, even how weather may have affected the stone.
  • They use the latest equipment and technology when harvesting and manufacturing all materials.
  • They expertly manage all port and cargo logistics.
  • They fully understand and comply with government regulations regarding importing and exporting materials.
  • Their prices are transparent – there are no hidden and unexpected fees.
  • They have backup inventory to completely fill your order if additional materials are needed.

Dealing directly with mosaic tile distributors ensure that you are getting a quality product. High quality mosaic and marble tile and natural stone materials are worth the investment and will last a lifetime.

The Benefits of Mosaic Tile Distributors

Mosaic tile distributors often specialize in certain types of tile. They often sell mosaic tile designs in ceramic, glass, porcelain, marble, and other natural materials. They can offer you a personalized shopping experience because they can give you an overview of every product they sell and make suggestion to fit your décor, design and budget.  Their goal is to provide affordable luxury tiles and products from around the world to improve and enhance residential and commercial spaces.

What do Mosaic Tile Distributors do?

Stone and tile distributors are considered the suppliers to the natural stone industry. They provide access to stone and mosaic tile materials as well as knowledge, expertise and technical support to their buyers. They research and search the world for quality stone and stone materials, hand-selecting the very best products for their market. They stay on top of the latest design trends so that they can acquire the tile and natural stone materials that their clients are looking for. Their clients may be builders, designers, retail suppliers or chains, architects or even the general public.  Mosaic tile distributors often have showrooms that display their stone materials and other natural stone products. Stone and mosaic tile distributors choose the stone (often bought by a stone supplier) and then sell it the public.

What Types of Products Do Mosaic Tile Distributors Offer?

Mosaic tile distributors often import and showcase many different types of mosaic tile product from around the world. Mosaic tile can make a powerful statement in any setting, from residential to commercial.  Mosaic tile is available in a variety of materials including:

  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • Granite

mosaicWhatever style you may be interested in, choose a high quality mosaic tile from a reputable stone and mosaic tile distributor.  It will really make a difference in your design and décor.

Marble Mosaic Tiles Can Accent Any Room in Your Home

A marble mosaic can turn an ordinary bathroom into an inspiring spa.  If you want to add the look of Italy or France or something totally unique to your kitchen, try a marble mosaic design in rustic earth tones – your guests will definitely be impressed. Make a grand and dramatic statement in any foyer by showcasing a beautiful marble mosaic design in any entranceway!

There are so many different uses for marble mosaics in an interior setting. Marble adds a level of elegance to flooring, sculptures, staircases and other interior accents. Bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops also brilliantly come to life with marble mosaics. A marble foyer accented with a mosaic design creates the highest level of elegance in the entranceway of any home or business.

Marble Mosaic Tile in the Kitchen

Marble mosaics are a very popular design choice for kitchens and kitchen backsplashes. A marble mosaic backsplash in deep browns or earth tones can complement a rustic kitchen or a mosaic that features cool blues and pure white marble mosaic tiles can accent a kitchen with a clean and modern look.  Marble mosaic designs with slate and gray tones can add warmth, color accent and sophistication to an all-white kitchen.

Marble Mosaic Designs for a Fireplace

A marble mosaic can absolutely turn an ordinary fireplace into a designer masterpiece!  Mosaic tiles will embrace a fireplace and reflect the light from the fire – creating a beautiful and glowing setting. A marble mosaic design can give a new look to a living room or den in any home.

Marble Mosaic Tile in the Bathroom

Marble Mosaic tile is very popular in a bathroom setting. It may be used in showers and tubs to create a unique design or in floor tiles or on a countertop in a master bath. It is often used as a backsplash that creates a strong and powerful look in any room. Marble mosaic designs are available in many different colors that can also reflect light and enhance any room.

Marble Mosaic Tile Can Make a Swimming Pool Sparkle

Create a Mediterranean inspired escape with marble mosaic tile to accent a patio and swimming pool. Glass and ceramic tiles in various shades of aqua and turquois can reflect sunlight and water, turning your patio and pool into a picturesque oasis.

Marble Mosaic Tile in a Corporate or Business Setting

In corporate settings, a marble mosaic design may be used in high end hotel lobbies, and as a back drop in board rooms and offices.  Marble mosaic designs are used in some of the most exclusive hotels, resorts and business locations throughout the world. An interior designer at Houzz.com adds, “Nothing could be more permanent, beautiful, and impressive than an office floor done in marble mosaic. What can be a better way to welcome clients into a beautiful new office?”

Marble Mosaic Designs Can Create Inspiration

If you are looking for some inspiration for your home or office, marble mosaic designs can give you the vision that you have been waiting for. It is like adding a fine piece of artwork to your home. With so many options in color, materials, shapes, sizes and design – there is so much that you can do with a marble mosaic design. You can create a theme or a color scheme and create a personalized marble mosaic in any room of your home. Be sure to use an experienced mosaic tile distributor that can offer you the highest quality products and unique design ideas.

If you are looking for the highest quality, marble mosaic tiles and natural stone materials for a design or building project, contact the mosaic tile distributors and experts at P & L Marble Inc. P & L Marble Inc. features a diverse and vast selection of the highest quality materials to meet the needs of designers, architects, contractors and distributors all over the world. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they are proud to have become a premier supplier and distributor of the highest quality natural stone and superior mosaic tile products.

P & L Marble has a vast selection of mosaic tile and natural stone products to choose from. They are high quality mosaic tile distributors. Whatever design you are looking for, they have an expansive inventory of stone and tile that will perfectly accent any room.  Browse through all they have to offer on their website at PLMarbleInc.com  or give them a call at 631-752-7280.