China’s Sichuan Province offers a majestic, breathtaking landscape that is appreciated by residents and tourists alike. But there is more to this setting. Underneath all that beauty is a hidden marvel: Eastern White marble.

This marble is known not only for the gorgeous white color it offers, but also for the jade-like transparency is possesses. As one of the finest statuary marbles in the world, Eastern White marble is used in a number of applications that showcase its beauty. These include sculptures and decorative work, in both Western and Eastern countries. The elegance and value of this marble has been known and appreciated for centuries.

Elegant and Soft Appearance with a Hint of Jade

P&L Marble is pleased to offer Eastern White marble tile, slabs, and mosaics in a variety of different patterns for buyers located in Long Island and throughout the United States. While this marble is similar in appearance to other styles of classic white marble, such as Calacatta and Carrera, Eastern White marble is unique because its graining is less distinctive while remaining attractive, resulting in a softer overall look.

One somewhat common concern is that Calacatta’s dramatic veining patterns may overwhelm a space, particularly if a large amount of the marble is used. Meanwhile, Eastern White’s beauty lies in the subtlety it offers.

Create Beauty in a Variety of Applications

The understated refinement of Eastern White marble makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including countertop, vanity, waterjet and backsplash locations. With options for polished tile, honed tile, and subway tile, as well as basketweave mosaic, herringbone, and hexagon mosaic, this particular style of marble is an excellent way to add quiet elegance to any room.

Eastern White marble does not overwhelm the eye with color or pattern, and it blends seamlessly with a number of other colors and styles to create a beautiful new look that will be appreciated and admired for years to come.

Our artisan-inspired tile comes in a variety of different styles that range from simple, utilitarian options to a more elaborate, mosaic design. Because our tiles are also highly durable, they are able to withstand years of use without fear of breakage. They can be combined with decorative borders and trims for a classic look or to create a unique statement for clients.

Make a Subtle Statement While Radiating Elegance

Eastern White marble tiles instantly add an air of distinction and the beauty and cleanliness of light to any space, whether they are used in bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, or accent walls. Eastern White marble tile and mosaics can be found in both our collections and our exclusive Leaf line, providing a variety of choices.

At P&L Marble, our years of experience in offering Eastern White Marble have led to creating some of the most beautiful interior spaces. Whether it concerns the design of the bathrooms for a hotel’s penthouse suite or perhaps making a statement with a bank lobby or office entrance, P&L Marble has all of the right products to add to your collection for future projects.

Bring Sophistication to Commercial and Residential Applications

With our products, any commercial or retail space will be noticed for its elegance and timeless beauty. For more information about our Eastern White marble tiles, slabs, and more, please contact P&L Marble today. We have been the supplier of choice for discerning clients for over two decades, and our work can be found in prestigious sites throughout the United States. We have the products and the experience to serve you and expand your current library, and we look forward to helping you make your client’s visions a reality.