Our Tile
& Stone

From glass mosaics to beautiful marble slabs, P&L Marble offers a carefully curated collection of stone, tile, and glass.


No matter what type of tile you may be seeking for your library, P&L Marble can provide the elegance that is needed. Our collections offer uncompromising beauty in styles that will be appreciated and admired for years to come.


Stone Tile

Our stone tile options are ideal choices for both residential and commercial applications. They are often used for flooring, as the polished expanses they provide indicate refined offerings without becoming overdone. Those who seek out large expanses of beautiful marble for countertops and related areas often choose statuary marble for the elegance it provides.

The graceful yet exciting look of a polished Calacatta marble floor in an entryway sets the tone for the rest of the dwelling, and we have selections that will work with the look and feel that your clients desire.

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Tile Mosaics

If patterns are part of an interior design, our tile mosaic collection is the perfect way to tastefully create them. Offering both tile mosaics that exhibit timeless, classic elegance as well as ones that are unique and sure to draw attention, P&L has a variety that is perfect for any application.

A collection of our different designs and color palettes can inspire thoughts and ideas on a customer’s space that may not have been previously entertained, and that can turn the finished space into something even more beautiful than was originally planned. Mosaics can blend in or be eye-catching, depending on how and where they are used, however they will always be incredibly ornate and durable when ordering from P&L Marble.

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Decorative Trim

Trim around a finished tile is the perfect way to complete a gorgeous tile design. Although decorative trims are not always used with our tiling, they are certainly available to be considered. A chair rail is a popular choice for a way to include decorative trim, as is a border at the top of the tile. These both work well to add a bit of color, style, and sophistication to any space, whether it's residential or commercial.

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