White Marble

White marble is an extremely popular natural stone material that is used in homes, businesses and many locations throughout the world. The shiny and glossy surface of white marble, combined with its pristine white color creates a timeless and elegant setting in any room.

White marble shows up in almost every room of the home. From gourmet kitchen countertops to bathroom walls to grand foyers and entryways – white marble makes a powerful statement in any room. White marble creates a classic and timeless look and beautifully accents any décor.

There are many different kinds of marble you can use in your home, and white marble is a classic selection. All types of marble have their own beautiful characteristics different purposes depending on where and how they will be used.

Marble is a calcium rich natural stone, meaning it continues to change over time with use, adding character to the stone. This can be most obvious with white marble, as imperfections are more visible. When properly cared for, it will remain in terrific shape and look luxurious.

If you are considering white marble for the design of your home or office, it will add elegance like no other material. Before you decide on white marble – following are some facts about this strong, beautiful and natural material.

White Marble Facts



White marble is white in color and may have a faint with light grey or black veining.  It is glossy and smooth in finish and has a striking pure white color throughout. It is extremely strong and durable and is easy to maintain.



White marble may sometimes have faint light grey or black veining throughout the stone. These natural characteristics are a beautiful accent to the pure white stone.


Types of White Marble

There are many different types of white marble including:


Morwad White Marble

Morwad white marble is widely known for its elegant and stylish look and unique texture. It originates from India and is mined in an area known as Rajasthan.


Makrana White Marble

Makrana white marble is a high best quality marble. It is a calsite stone, and Makrana marble is very durable and becomes even shinier with time and usage. Indian temples and many other historical monuments are made of Makrana white marble. This white marble originates and is produced in Rajasthan, India. This type of white marble is widely used for flooring due to its striking white appearance and its smooth and shiny finish.


Carrara White Marble

This popular white marble has a clean look with subtle gray hues of color. You can identify Carrara white marble by looking at its veining contrasted against the white and light gray background. It is typically thin, linear and feathery versus dark, sharp and bold. Some of the best uses for this white marble include countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, shower walls and tile flooring.


Calacatta White Marble

This classic Italian white marble comes from a quarry in Carrara, Italy, making it one of the more valuable and favored white marble stones. More dramatic-looking than Carrara, this marble has a warm white tone and contains a mixture of beige, gold and grey veins that vary in size. Calacatta marble is typically used for kitchen or bathroom countertops, fireplaces, large tiled floors, wall slabs and backsplashes.


Statuario White Marble

Statuario marble contains similar subtle gray hues found in Carrara with similar gray veining that is found in Calacatta slabs. This stone is a very bright white in color, also making it incredibly valuable. While Statuario is haled in Italy for being the perfect marble for carving statues, it is also a highly sought after material for residential and commercial projects. This white marble works beautifully as a large tile option, countertop slab, backsplash or wall panel.


Thassos White Marble

Thassos marble is crystal white in color and comes from the island of Thassos in Greece. This marble is distinguished by its almost glowing, sparkling appearance. Popular even in ancient times, Thassos marble is excellent for reflecting light and brightening up a space. The simple color palette of this white marble makes it suitable for many design styles, with the ability to contrast or complement an existing scheme. The polished white marble is best used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as tiled floors.


Himalaya White Marble

This other Greek white marble, White Himalaya (or Volakas), has similar characteristics to Carrara. The veins of White Himalaya marble can range from gray and brown to slightly purple-colored hues, all within the solid white background. This marble makes an elegant statement and can be used for bathrooms floors and countertops, wall panels, tub surrounds and kitchen islands.


Uses for White Marble

White marble is a very popular material for use in residential homes and commercial locations alike. White marble may be used to define a fireplace to make a stunning statement or it may be used on kitchen countertops to create a soft white look in a bright kitchen. White marble is also a popular material for use in bathrooms, perhaps in floor tiles or on a countertop in a master bath. It is often used as a backsplash that creates a strong and powerful look in any room. The soft white color reflects light and enhances any room.

There are so many different uses for white marble in an interior setting. Marble adds a level of elegance to flooring, sculptures, staircases and other interior accents. Bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops also brilliantly come to life in marble materials. A marble foyer creates the highest level of elegance in the entranceway of any home or business. In corporate settings it is often used in high end hotel lobbies, and as a back drop in board rooms and offices.

White marble is available in a variety of tile sizes, mosaics, and trims. Veins of light grey swirl across a bright white background in this clean and classic stone. Eastern white marble is offered as hexagon tiles, subway tile designs, flat square tiles, basket weave designs, diamond shapes, mosaics and more. White marble is always popular in the form of a stone slab to be used in countertops, floors or walls. Whether you choose a honed or polished finish, the end result will define a look of luxury.


White Marble Maintenance and Care

You can protect the beauty of white marble by resealing it regularly. White marble, like most other porous natural stones, needs to be sealed on a regular basis. Due to their porous nature, many natural stones are susceptible to staining and sealing them on a regular basis greatly reduces the chances of stains.

White marble is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Bleach and heavy duty cleaners are not recommended and can damage the marble.

Today, white marble is a popular building material used in many architectural projects and it is used to create many decorative effects. Because it can be obtained in many sizes and shapes, marble tiles for walls and floors are a popular choice in interior design.  Marble has been used throughout history in creating some of the world’s most beautiful structures.  The ancient Greeks used marble to construct the Parthenon.  The Taj Mahal is completely covered in white marble.  And white marble was a favorite material used by sculptors because of its beauty, its soft appearance and its ability to allow light to penetrate the stone to a small degree before reflecting it back.

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